CAA Authorised Drone Operator providing Aerial imagery for Residential, commercial and agriculture.  Covering roof, chapels, building, asset and infrastructure inspections.  2D/3D mapping, orthomosaics, point-cloud, photography and promotional footage.

Friarton Bridge, Perth, Scotland
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Caravan Site
Roof Inspection,
Pylon Thermal Inspection
Queensferry Bridge, Construction
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Reduce risk | Reduce Working at Height exposure | Cost effective | Fast results

Wind Turbine


Based in Perthshire, Aerial Aspect are perfectly located to be able access the Whole of Scotland. We offer a competitively priced Aerial Photography and Videography solutions removing considerable risks compared to traditional methods of access.

In addition, we are able to operate closer to the operation thus enabling you to get the right shot for your individual requirements.

Our drones use considerably less airspace than helicopters and other manned equipment meaning we can get above, around and in-between to secure the perfect shot.

Drones can also offer a Cost effective, Safe and speedy solution towards Aerial Inspection, reducing high risk tasks and keeping feet on the ground.


Aerial Photography


Beautiful, High Resolution  Stills captured in Raw and processed on Location.  Safer, Faster and Affordable 


Cinematography and Editing services

Captivate your audience with beautiful footage, create professional promotional media, all edited in house. 



Collaborate Together

We work closely with our clients to achieve their end goal safely and efficiently.  In doing so we are able to remove ambiguity, streamline the operation and cut overall costs.


Standards of Work

CAA Approved Operators, Fully insured.  Every Operation is conducted following the CAA guidelines and to the Highest standards.


Inspection and Surveying

Capture High-Resolution Images and footage from the various different viewpoints, perfect for inspecting Roofs and Building.  Create High Resolution Orthomosaic maps and interactive 3D models of your Assets perfect for Inspection requirements.

Please be aware of unlicensed, un-approved drone operators with no insurance or due care and attention.  These operators can be potentially dangerous and operating illegally. All operators working commercially must hold a A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) or a General VLOS Certificate (GVC/PFCO) with a CAA Operational Authorisation and hold Public Liability Insurance in accordance with EU regulation EC785/2004.  If in doubt, ask the operator to present their ID and/or CAA Approval.
CAS Listed
Flycovered Insurance
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